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YK-11 Myostine
60 capsules

YK-11 is a myostatin inhibitor. Such a compound can separate our hereditary muscle-building divider and permit us to acquire bulk than ordinary. YK-11 plans to increment follistatin levels. Follistatin is another normally happening protein in the human body which helps hold myostatin in line. Myostatin is a hormone whose activity abridge unbridled muscle development. YK-11 can likewise advance bone development by meddling with a passage that capacities like DHT.

YK11 is possibly one of the most noteworthy SARMs accessible today, due to its outstanding nature as both a SARM and a myostatin inhibitor.

Not solely is YK11 a SARM, which will help advance thin muscle improvement, anyway it also thwarts myostatin, which opens your typical lifting loads potential.

YK11 has a place with a class of exploration synthetic compounds known as SARMS, which were at first evolved to assist treat with muscling squandering in malignancy patients.

Specific androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs for short, have strong muscle building impacts, and are commonly all around endured in contemplates.

While they were at first made to help malignant growth patients battle muscle squandering, weight lifters immediately got on, and understood that sound people who took SARMs could encounter steroid-like impacts


Restrains myostatin

Fast muscle gain

Fat misfortune while holding muscle


Novice Dose: 10 mg for each day

Transitional Dose: 15 mg for each day

Progressed Dose: 20 mg for every day


For fat misfortune, we suggest stacking with: Cardarine, Andarine, and MYO-BURN

For building, we suggest stacking with: Ligandrol and Ibutamoren

For lean mass, we suggest stacking with: Testolone and Ibutamoren

For recomposition, we suggest stacking with: Ibutamoren and Ostarine

Here are some detailed advantages of YK11 usage:

Quick Muscle Growth

Expanded Sex Drive

Improved Strength

Muscle Hardening

Here are some possible reactions of YK11 use:

Testosterone Suppression

Gentle Liver Toxicity

Joint And Tendon Pain

Expanded Aggression

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